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Unlimited discount bus travel for students

What’ve you got planned for this semester? From the library to lectures, from a party to a bar to a club and back again, our student tickets will get you there.

Get on any Stagecoach bus with just one ticket. If you can get there by Stagecoach bus, you can get there with our discounted student ticket options. Pay once and travel as many times as you like throughout the term or year.


Why you’ll love Stagecoach student travel

  • It’s miles cheaper than pay-as-you-go
    Travel as much as you like with unlimited discounted travel. Plus the more you use it, the cheaper it works out. 
  • Get on any Stagecoach bus in your area*
    Where will you go? To the library, to your mate’s house, to that cool new restaurant that just opened in town. Wherever you want to go, we’ll get you there.
  • Use it any time of the day
    To class in the morning or home to bed, if there’s a Stagecoach bus running, you can use your ticket**.
  • Peace of mind
    Making friends, getting to class on time, exams, essays... student life can be stressful! With our student tickets at least your travel is sorted

See where you could take your student ticket...

Student travel options are different in each Stagecoach region. To find out more about travel in your area, check out the links below:



*see ticket terms and conditions for restrictions

** excludes N55 and N99 night buses in East Scotland